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Patch Name Description Submitted By COMP DIST GAIN ZNR EQ MOD DEL LEV Notes Date VOTE!
TOMORROW ZAKK WILDE ON OZZMOSIS OZZY81@YAHOO.COM L7 off -- 5 P2 F9 D8 30 This is as close as I can get to Zakk's sound. Crank up the bass and mids! ENJOY!!!!!!!! Jul 07, 1998 Vote for 398
Cowboys from Hell PanterA cowboys era dist. curt s. c3 mt 30 4 47 - - r2 25 scoop yer mids! Jul 06, 1998 Vote for 394
the hip good heavy rhythm patch for tragically hip songs stote (stote@yahoo.com) C3 Ld 19 oF 28 oF oF 19 this patch doesn't work as well for playing lead, but does a good job emulating paul langois' tone on songs like thugs, new orleans is sinking, grace too, and many others. i saw the hip the other day, and this patch is similar to his primary tone for most of night. (my setup: Epi LP Standard, Fender Princetion 112 Plus). Jul 06, 1998 Vote for 395
Cool distortion Good for direct recording cameri@yahoo.com c1 bl 24 4 off c2 h2 25 This is one of the best distortions for recording espescialy if you double the guitar part.If anyone has a good lead sound e-mail me. Jun 30, 1998 Vote for 392
Therapy? CAMERI@YAHOO.COM L4 OD 30 9 36 D4 R6 25 COOL Jun 30, 1998 Vote for 393
Pink Floyd a simple patch that sounds good for most floyd songs stote (stote@yahoo.com) oF rY 16 7 oF oF H4 26 this patch gives a similar, but distinct tone through each pickup combination. it works well with my amp's own distortion, and good tones of both syd and early dave can be attained by changing pickups or swithcing to the dirty channel. i have no problem using it for ANY floyd song. hopefully it eill work as well with your setup as it does mine. MY SETUP: (Epi LP Standard, Fender Princeton 112 plus) Jun 29, 1998 Vote for 390
Kirk Solo Wah solo sound used by kirk hammet LarsMC16 A3 mt 17 A7 50 oF d6 30 This i use to play kirk hammet solos. especially for the fat solo in my friend of misery it sounds nice Jun 26, 1998 Vote for 389
nirvana smells like teen spirit bart@mygale.org mt 25 9 10 c5 h5 30 Jun 25, 1998 Vote for 387
nothing nothing else matters bart@mygale.org c9 ac 20 6 40 f2 h9 30 i think they use flanger and not chorus,but it's only my opinion ;)) Jun 25, 1998 Vote for 388
46 & 2 - Tool Phaser with Crunch Jeremy Dawes - jezzad@fastlink.com.au Ry 15 P4 C5 r4 27 Use your rhythm pick-up and turn up the bass on your amp a little extra. If you cant get it to sound right still then try some extra palm muting.(deadens the phaser). Jun 22, 1998 Vote for 385
nine inch nails- Broken album for songs like "wish" "happiness in slavery" "last" Ingalls@prodigy.net ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? I need this and any other "industrial" sounds. Email me!!! Jun 21, 1998 Vote for 384
led zep led zeppelin pallois@bordeaux.cemagref.fr c9 ld 16 5 25 c1 h3 30 i use it to play whole lotta love, good time bad times... i use a marshall valvestate 80 (setting bass : 50%, middle : 25 % treble 25%) and a jackson ps2 performer guitar Jun 11, 1998 Vote for 382
Oasis Oasis Lead Distortion JeremyB1@aol.com C9 Ld 26 9 30 of r2 20 This patch can be used for about anything. I use it for anything that needs heavy distortion. It sounds the best on Oasis lead parts. E-mail me with any questions, comments, etc. Jun 11, 1998 Vote for 383
FuFlangeDe Feel Soul of FuFlangeDe Laputa Lee [sklee@school.net.hk] A5 Fu 23 A3 P7 F9 d9 25 no comments,
just try! have fun!!

[Guitar Vol: 3-5 Tone: 2-4]

URL : http://welcome.to/hotel.california

Jun 10, 1998 Vote for 381
Megadeth Megadeth Distorsion raphael@mygale.org L8 Dt 30 A1 50 Off d1 25 Sounds like the distortion used on Megadeth's 'Countdown to Extinction' album. Jun 07, 1998 Vote for 380
Clean chorus If you've ever wanted just a good clean chorus. Big Mike McFadden (bigmike485@yahoo.com) off off -- a7 36 c8 off 26 simple and clean. Jun 06, 1998 Vote for 377
Clean Flange If you've ever wanted just a good clean flange. Big Mike McFadden (bigmike485@yahoo.com) off off -- 1 13 f7 off 27 simple. but it's clean Jun 06, 1998 Vote for 376
Laid Back Double Smooth;almost 12 string sound. Big Mike McFadden (bigmike485@yahoo.com) c2 ac 25 9 6 d9 off 26 Boosts any song with a lot of chord progression. Jun 06, 1998 Vote for 378
Super groovy Metal streaming metal sound,like early smashig pumpkins Big Mike McFadden (bigmike485@yahoo.com) c5 mt 8 a1 p2 c5 r8 18 tune down the tone and mids for a better sound. I use it on Ibanez guitars, as with most of my other sounds on here. Jun 06, 1998 Vote for 379
delay distortion very sensitive, good for finger tapping exowolf@hotmail.com C9 dist 30 off p1 d6 d9 27 A monkey could kick ass with this patch. Very loud and good for covering up sketchy playing on fast solos. Jun 04, 1998 Vote for 314
evil distortion good for palm mute hardcore exowolf@hotmail.com off dist 30 5 30 off h9 25 I also like it for solos with a little delay added. Jun 04, 1998 Vote for 305
Laid Back Groovy and mellow; good for improv. + solos Big Mike McFadden (bigmike485@yahoo.com) c2 ac 27 a3 26 p7 r7 24 Sounds nice with any style of playing. May 30, 1998 Vote for 304
Smooth Metal This is the smoothest sounding metal patch I have found so far. fastrun01@aol.com L9 mt 30 a1 50 off h3 25 The level doesn't matter. If you wantto make it even better turn the midonyour amp all the way down. May 29, 1998 Vote for 374
Distorted intro for "tract boy" hard distortion bobby c4 ac 17 a9 40 c3 r7 u pik email for corrections. (address above) May 26, 1998 Vote for 372
Intro for "growing up" by Blink 182 hard core distortion with fuzz box effect Bobby l1 fu 30 a7 25 off off u pik As far as i can tell this patch is accurate. e-mail me if you have any improvments or tabs of blink 182.

My e-mail adress is gkozora@bellatlantic.net

May 26, 1998 Vote for 370
intro for "tract Boy" from Ghoti hook mellow and rather sweet acoustic sound bobby off ac 10 6 45 off r1 u pik this is accurate for sure! e-mail me if any questions.(E-mail on lastpatch) May 26, 1998 Vote for 371
Askance flanged solo Windy! deadpoo@yahoo.com of dist 30 5 of f7 h1 25 Exellent for making noise and improvisied solos...put hthe level at 30 for more noise. May 22, 1998 Vote for 369
Heavy Dist Heavy Distortion that rocks xtreme_666@yahoo.com L9 Dt 30 A9 48-50 off off 25 I use a Peavey Bandit 112. I turn the distortion on the amp just barely on. Like a .1 setting (not 1 but .1) I play a Jackson Dinky Reverse. All patches sound real good thru the the distortion of an amp. May 22, 1998 Vote for 368
Fuzzy Wuzzy Early Fuzz sound Me C9 Fu 21 9 41 of of 19 Good fuzz tone, it's up to you, but I prefer not to use the amp simulator. Without it, it gives more of a dirty old ripped speaker sound. Great for SRC songs. May 21, 1998 Vote for 363
Purple Rain Clean, breathy sound Me C7 ry 1 A1 P1 F3 H7 27 Good patch for Prince's Purple Rain. May 21, 1998 Vote for 362
Cool assed blues lead Curt Smythe c3 ry 23 a9 3 p1 - - 25 cool shit May 20, 1998 Vote for 360

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