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Patch Name Description Submitted By COMP DIST GAIN ZNR EQ MOD DEL LEV Notes Date
Chunky Fuzz Rhythm James McDaniel of fu 3 of 30 of h6 26 Nice, punchy fuzz with plenty of chunkiness. Nov 09, 1997
mild blues overdrive Clean James McDaniel (mcdaniel@tznet.com) l3 ac 25 6 of of h3 25 basically, it's just the acoustic simulator overdriven enough that it starts to sound like an electric again. This gives it a very clean sound with just a little bit of overdrive. Nov 09, 1997
Silky Chorus Solo James McDaniel (mcdaniel@tznet.com) of ac 5 6 35 c4 h5 30 I like to use this one with the beginning to "Stairway To Heaven" (the clean part) It's not the way Led Zep did it, but I still like the sound of it. Nov 09, 1997
Mike Ness Rhythm Kirk Williams (vwilliam@nbnet.nb.ca) C4 Od 25 5 24 off H1 25 My facsimile of Mike Ness's sound off "Story of my Life", etc., from Social Distortion's 1990 album. Nov 08, 1997
HEADHUNTER'S HARD HEAVY METAL Rhythm Toby Hoover headhunter97@webtv.com L2 dE 20 A7 25 d2 H9 30 It is a phat loud hard hitting patch that realy kicks. email me with comments headhunter97@webtv.com Nov 07, 1997
white zombie distortion Other/Special warp asylum c2 metal 30 a1 46 d3 r5 25 sounds like thunder kiss 65. great for heavy metal!! Nov 07, 1997
Clean tone for Jazz Clean Jay L1 -- -- 1 -- C1 H1 24 Clean bell tone for strat. Use on position 2 or 4 for best results. Nov 06, 1997
Powerful Ballads Solo Bugs~ Off Bl 30 9 Off C2 d5 25 This is for a powerful ballad soloing . It is best use with a gibson and an ext. wah open in the middle . EMail me if it's good : idt.netvision.net.il Nov 06, 1997
Smooth(E.Johnson-like)Delay Lead Solo Jeff Reppert- reppert@uiuc.edu --- Metal 24 9 --- C1 D8 26 I use this to play everything from Cliffs of Dover to Fade to Black leads. It is even an improvement on the tones of some big time solos! Nov 05, 1997
HATE DRIVE Other/Special curt curdt@hotmail.com c2 bl 30 a1 50 d3 r2 25 kinda sounds like the frist song off marilyn mansons anti-christ superstar

e-mail me if u know how i can make it better

Nov 03, 1997
Sultans Of Swing / Dire Straits Solo Thijs Withaar L9 Od 6 Off 25 Off H2 28 Experiment with gain. Can also be used for the rythm part Nov 03, 1997
80's Hard Rock Rhythm paulinr@nbnet.nb.ca (Remi A. Paulin) c4 bl 26 8 28 c2 h3 21 Nov 02, 1997
80's Hard Rock Solo paulinr@nbnet.nb.ca (Remi A. Paulin) L2 bl 26 8 29 C3 D8 23 Enjoy! Nov 02, 1997
KoRn Rhythm lucretia@unreality.clara.net OFF dt 30 OFF 2 d1 d1 I've tried really hard with this one. If you know how I can get it better, please mail me Nov 02, 1997
Supergroove- alisticprosi funkstication Other/Special The House of Funk L9 Dt 30 Off P9 F9 d9 30 This is the craziest sound that might ever come out of your 505! Oct 17, 1997
Beatles circa 1963 Rhythm Lex Jones c1 ry 12 1 15 off r2 27 I good almost clean rootsy thing. Good for early Beatles and Kinks Etc on the bridge pick-up and very Chuck Berry-esque on the neck position. Oct 15, 1997
Creamy Fuzz Lead Solo Axe axe@webgate.net L5 Fu 30 8 35 off d5 27 a very nasally distortion sound ( I like it with the neck pu of my Ibanez RG 565 and my PV classic 30) I find it too harsh with the neck PU... sustains well. Oct 12, 1997
Acoustic lead Solo Pierre Pepin, PPEPIN@VNET.IBM.COM C9 8 22 C4 H7 26 I use this patch in the lead part of Hotel California (unplugged) Oct 10, 1997
Acoustic picking Other/Special Pierre Pepin, Québec C8 8 18 C6 H7 23 Great sound for song like; - Dust in the wind - Mood for a day - and any soul song! Oct 10, 1997
Metallica (Nothing else matter) Clean Pierre Pepin, PPEPIN@VNET.IBM.COM L4 8 34 C3 H7 25 Oct 10, 1997
Metallica (nothing else matter) Solo Pierre Pepin, PPEPIN@VNET.IBM.COM L9 LD 20 8 34 C3 H6 23 I play with a YAMAHA 150 stereo PA. The settings are probably differents, but closer on guitar AMP. Oct 10, 1997
Death/thrash metal Other/Special Jonny blaze L1 dt 30 5 25 off h9 ne This works well with most of your earbleeding metal riffs Oct 08, 1997
nice clean sound Clean lucretia@unreality.clara.net L1 OFF -- A9 OFF OFF OFF This can be used for almost anything needing a clean sound (for me anyway) Oct 06, 1997
Clean Distorsion (kinda like AC\DC) Other/Special Jason Parrish C9 bL 5 A9 41 off off 26 I use this for ac dc songs and it works good...but I didn't make it for that. works better with a bridge pickup. Oct 04, 1997
Deep Purple (made in Japan) Other/Special Jason Parrish C3 Dt 15 off 10 off d8 26 I use this to PLay Smoke on the water off of made in japan. Oct 04, 1997
Eric Jhonson on the song "Venus Isle" Solo Jason Parrish C9 Ld 15 off 9 C2 H9 27 I use this to play Eric Johnsons "Venus Isle" Oct 04, 1997
Iron Maiden Rhythm Jason Parrish C3 bL 30 A1 20 C1 off 26 I use this to PLay Iron maiden songs...Like Flight of icarus. Oct 04, 1997
Metallica "Kill'em all" album. Rhythm Jason Parrish C9 bL 30 9 20 off off 26 I use this to play songs off of "Kill'em all"...especially "The Four Horsemen" Oct 04, 1997
Over-Drive Metal. Solo Jason Parrish C9 Od 30 off 19 off off 26 I use this as a clean soloing patch. Oct 04, 1997
"Ozzy" Harmonic inhancer. Solo Jason Parrish off Ld 30 off 8 off off H1 I use this do Inhance that cool harmonic thing that Zakk Wylde does. Oct 04, 1997
Tight Metal Rythum (great for Metallica) Rhythm Jason Parrish C1 Ld 23 off 50 off off 27 I use this to PLay Metallica Rythum parts and mostly any outher Metal rythum work. Oct 04, 1997

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