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Patch Name Description Submitted By COMP DIST GAIN ZNR EQ MOD DEL LEV Notes Date
Elven Tea Other/Special Kevin Stilwell C9 Ac 15 off P9 d9 off 27 IT sounds like freshly brewed "elven tea" Oct 02, 1997
Marcy Playground effect!! Other/Special Kevin Stilwell C1 Fu 20 AS off P7 r4 22 It sounds kind of like one of the Marcy Playground effects on a few of their songs. It is pretty cool! I made a mistake about the other one but this one is right!!!!!!! Oct 02, 1997
Deftones- Root Intro Solo SCLIFF10@HOTMAIL.COM A7 dt 30 2 40ish F7 R4 Any Cannot remember the eq level - Just Knob about with it!!! I am looking for a good way of Using my Marshall VS100R's OD with the Zoom - any Ideas on removing the noise? Sep 29, 1997
Deftones- Root Intro Solo SCLIFF10@HOTMAIL.COM A7 dt 30 2 40ish F7 R4 Any Cannot remember the eq level - Just Knob about with it!!! I am looking for a good way of Using my Marshall VS100R's OD with the Zoom - any Ideas on removing the noise? Sep 29, 1997
Electric 12 String Rhythm Jean.Muller@ping.be C9 Od 5 A2 40 P1 H2 28 12 string 'Rickenbaker' sound. Sep 28, 1997
Ashes to Ashes Rhythm Cinderella of Mt 30 a9 45 of r1 25 This is as close as I get to the sound of Faith No More's "Ashes to Ashes" Sep 27, 1997
Sitar Drone w/ delay and wah Other/Special James "Ravi" Duffield A7 off Off P8 P9 D8 Good fun with exotic and major scales! This is one of my favs! Incense anyone? GREAT SITE! THANKS! Sep 24, 1997
Pantera Rhythm Grb1117@aol.com of DT 30 1 40 of of 30 This is the closest Pantera on a zoom i've ever seen. if there is a better one, E-mail me. Turn Bass and Treble all the way up. Turn Midrange Off Sep 22, 1997
NONAME Other/Special 2 dt 28 9 26 c8 d9 ? Sep 21, 1997
BB on acid Solo Jay Gilliam off ry 23 off off F2 R1 20 This REALLY sound great played through a Pignose. Good Blues Rhythm/Lead sound. Heavier flanging works well, too. Sep 19, 1997
white zombie ditstorion Other/Special curt curdt@hotmail.com of mt 30 a1 6 d3 d1 ? a kick ass mother fuckin' ear bleeding distortion!! Sep 19, 1997
Haunted Organ Other/Special lee@eurisko.demon.co.uk L4 bL 22 1 P9 P9 d8 NE Ever wanted to play Tocatta and Fugue in Dm but couldn't find the right sound?? Well here it is. Enjoy. Sep 15, 1997
Dr Who/weird sci-fi sound Other/Special lucretia@unreality.clara.net OFF dt 30 OFF P1 F2 R8 Don't EVER leave the room with this sound on cos when you come back it will FREAK YOU OUT!!! Sep 14, 1997
Metallica's ...And Justice sound Rhythm lucretia@unreality.clara.net OFF dt 30 OFF 42 OFF OFF This is as close as I can get to the amazing 'dry' sound Metallica have. I have the reverb on my amp on full and the gains and equalization about 1/2way. If you can't get it- tell me, cos it works great for me!!! Sep 14, 1997
SURF VERB Other/Special Bubba Jonze L2 RY 1 A7 25 D2 H9 25 This sound is similar to both the Reverend Horton Heat's and Junior Brown's live surf sounds. Sep 14, 1997
'59 Vintage Solo jcalabig@chancery.com L6 Od 6 1 12 Off r9 21 Variation of "The craddle" patch. I use this to get a vintage punchy sound, kinda '59 blues/jazz sound. Works well with my Seymour/Duncan '59 and Jeff Beck Humbuckers. Remove the room effect to get a real vintage sound. Sep 10, 1997
Sabbath Solo Tom Mack L9 Od 15 of 23 of H1 24 for rhythm set the gain slightly lower... Sep 10, 1997
Tool Distorted Tone Other/Special Tom Mack of mt 30 9 13 F1 H2 25 Used to play Stinkfist... remember to drop that E string. Sep 10, 1997
Clean lead playing Clean Muhammad Asif P8 ry 1 A7 20 C1 H9 20 Sep 08, 1997
Smashing Pumpkins Rhythm Adam England rmengland@ktis.net C4 LD 22 A9 25 OF OF ANY Pumpkins Distortion. I usee it for "Today" Sep 08, 1997
CarnevalOrgan Other/Special enjoy.coke@usa.net C8 Od 15 8 23 P9 d5 27 Play highspeed pull-off's to get a nice effect. Use a vol pedal to sound like a churchorgan Sep 06, 1997
Iron Maiden, Somewhere in Time intro Solo Andy "Echoes" Bergman C3 DT 30 A2 21 P5 D5 28 This is a the closest I can get to the harmonised sound that Iron Maiden used on Somewhere in Time (the song not the album). Maybe make a copy without the harmony as the next patch to play the rest of the song. Sep 03, 1997
Green Day Rhythm Adam England OF LD 26 A6 22 OF H1 ANY Nice all around distortion Sep 01, 1997
MetallicA (justice tone) Rhythm Brian C4 mt 30 A9 13 of h1 ne this is the closest tone I can get to the "...and Justice for all" tone Jaymz gets. It's not quite there but it's the closest I can get to it Sep 01, 1997
MetallicA (live) Rhythm Brian bsmith@result.com of of of a9 13 c5 h4 ne I use this for doing he clean parts for stuff like the clean riffs for playing "Sanitarium" and stuff. I think I got this one down. Sep 01, 1997
N.I.B. Rhythm Steve L2 Fu 21 A2 47 - - 28 I've tried to get an early SABBATH sound...using the neck pickup. Anyone got any suggestions or help?! Sep 01, 1997
Smashing Pumpkins - Rocket Other/Special James Hardy - jhardy@rtsconsulting.com - dt 30 - P1 - - any I think I've got a pretty close match to the "rocket" sound. Send me email if you've found any better solutions. Sep 01, 1997
A1 monster delay part 1 Other/Special mr Reverb a1 fu 4 of 45 of d8 28 This patch needs three zooms linked up in a row for a massive 8 repeats of the first signal. part 2 follows :/) Aug 31, 1997
A1 monster delay part 2 Other/Special mr reverb a1 fu 8 of 45 of d9 29 This gives 4 repeats now keep reading Aug 31, 1997
Rush - Alex Lifeson / 2112 Rhythm duplessis@uti.com C4 rY 1 1 35 C3 H5 26 A full sounding acoustical with good reverb. The guitar sound used on "Discovery" and "Soliloquy" Aug 29, 1997
Rush - Alex Lifeson / Red Barchetta Rhythm duplessis@uti.com L4 0d 5 2 35 F8 H1 28 This sound is used in many Rush songs including: Xanado, The Trees, Hemishperes, etc. Aug 29, 1997

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