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Patch Name Description Submitted By COMP DIST GAIN ZNR EQ MOD DEL LEV Notes Date VOTE!
A ROOM with a view :-) Room effect.. Jon Ivar Kolstad c1 ry 9 1 14 off h9 26 This is just a basic room effect..but it sounds nice though...get's you in the mood.... Dec 15, 1998 Vote for 472
Am I Evil? shreading dist. LarsMC16@Yahoo.com of mt 18 3 40 of H1 30 use bridge pick up Dec 15, 1998 Vote for 473
Bullet Intro to "Bullet the blue sky" Jon Ivar Kolstad c1 ry 30 a2 25 off d7/d5 16 Well..this patch isn't completly ready..it might need some minor adjustments...but it's ok to use for the intro to "Bullet the blue sky" (My favorite to play), the live version.Hope it works out.(Tune down a half step) Dec 15, 1998 Vote for 470
Bullet the blue sky Solo for Bullet the blue sky (Live) Jon Ivar Kolstad c9 od 30 3 23 s2 d7 18 This is as close as i can get to The Edge' solo in "Bullet the blue sky", the live version. It has a mix of wah, overdrive, delay, etc...it's not exactly right, but it's pretty close...... Dec 15, 1998 Vote for 469
Crisp-metal Metal-sound Jon Ivar Kolstad c5 de 30 4 36 d7 h9 17 I was bored one night, and i started on anew patch...well...it ended up likethis....i'm no heavy metal player, buti think this sound is quitenice....please tell me if some oneagrees with me..:-) Dec 15, 1998 Vote for 468
Day Tripper Fuzz Bass Me C2 Fu 7 A9 1 P1 H7 18 Sounds good for the beginning part ofthe Beatles "Day Tripper", and othersongs that use fuzz bass. Dec 15, 1998 Vote for 476
Echo/Delay sound for live U2 songs Echo/Delay sound for mostly U2 songs (LIVE) Jon Ivar Kolstad (Norway) jonivar@kolstad.no L4 RY 8 8 23 d1 d8 26 I use this for quite a few U2 songs,mostly the live ones (The live ones arethe best to play along to if you askme:-) , and it sounds alright....For songs like "Rain", "Running tostand still", etc etc....feel free toe-mail me if you want to.... Dec 15, 1998 Vote for 465
For U2's "One", "Where the street's.." Much delay...ok sound... Jon Ivar Kolstad jonivar@kolstad.no c3 ry 10 8 25 off d8 27 I use this one for the intro to "One" by U2..(sometimes also for "Angle of Harlem", but the stock A4 patch is better for that song....or at least i think so)...Remember to tune down one step...and play the intro to "One" softly...:-) Dec 15, 1998 Vote for 466
"Jet-Metal" A freeflowing, flanger-like sound Jon Ivar Kolstad l9 de 22 a5 24 f1 d7 16 This is one of the first patches i made...quite pleased with this one..:-)It has a ok sound to it..."cool" sound if you play it a bit loud and mute the strings a bit... Dec 15, 1998 Vote for 467
Soft Wah Wah-sound Jon Ivar Kolstad a7 ry 16 5 15 f7 d8 23 This is a wah sound that should be played quite softly..so that the delay doesn't make any noice.....use it for a relaxing moment of guitarplaying.... Dec 15, 1998 Vote for 471
ZOOM 505 ZOOM 505 Rocks!!!! ZOOM 505 Rocks!!!! a2 - - - - - - 23- ZOOM 505 IS COOL!!! Dec 15, 1998 Vote for 474
Dream Theater Clean Cool clean patch, sound just like pull me under in my peavy 112 amp. tomer 3 1 35 C6 H7 26 setup your amp like this:low - 4, mid- 6, treb - 8 Dec 11, 1998 Vote for 463
Megadeth´s Black Friday Accoustic Intro Metal Forever! L1 AC 30 A8 3 C6 R9 27 This is the closet i have gotten to the Accoustic Intro! If someone have a better one than submit it! Nov 21, 1998 Vote for 461
Extreme-ShredMetal Dist. It is what is says! IVIetalEdge (TB) C7 dist 30 6 50 off off 27 Works best on Peavea Bandit (scorpion 100-200wat) May not sound good on small amps. Not from any spicific band, I just came up wit it. (sounds good on ina gada da vida) Kinda like something off PanterA (for dist, it can be metal too,but dist sounds better) Nov 15, 1998 Vote for 460
cannibal corpse gallery of suicide album curt s L4 DT 30 A9 42 R3 25 SCOOP YER MIDS Nov 14, 1998 Vote for 458
PORNO MUSIC PEDAL WAH IT SOUNDS VERY CHEESEY curt s P6 OD 1 9 47 C3 R6 25 one word......SHAFT Nov 14, 1998 Vote for 459
Carcass Heartwork patch That sound like the album HEARTWORK ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Please add a carcass heart work disortion patch! Oct 24, 1998 Vote for 452
Carcass Reek Of Putrefaction Disortion Pretty cool sound Metal forever! c7 fu 30 A9 50 of H2 29 This pretty close to Carcass Reek of putrefaction sound.I use a Marshall 75 Reverb Amp. The settings on Amp Gain4/6Boost 2 tone 0 Gain 5 Oct 22, 1998 Vote for 448
Boston or Rockman sound Gives you that Rockman sound zjackson C7 Ld 30 7 31 C1 H4 22-26 I use a Mesa Boogie cal. 50 ampwith the low setting at 6, the midsetting at 5,and the treble setting at6.5.Sounds great with a single or doublecoil in the bridge of the guitar. Oct 20, 1998 Vote for 446
ZZTOP ELIMINATOR DELAY Sounds like delay used on the song I NEED YOU TONIGHT zjackson C7 Ld 28 6 26 OFF d8 22-26 I use a Mesa Boogie cal. 50 amp withthelow set at 6, the mid set at 5, andthetreble set at 6.5. Any guitarwill sound good but one with a doublecoil in the bridge will work the best Oct 20, 1998 Vote for 445
C5 LD 28 A8 28 C3 D7 23 Great for visceral solos Oct 06, 1998 Vote for 442
Riksolo Great for hard soloing Rich C5 LD 28 A8 28 C3 D7 23 Great for visceral solos Oct 06, 1998 Vote for 444
Risolo Great for Visceral solos Ricardo Avila C5 LD 28 A8 28 C3 D7 23 No lo dejarás Oct 06, 1998 Vote for 443
Crazy Train Crazy Train Ed Taylor (phrake@usa.net) c5 dist 25 9 43 off h2 30 For the solo to crazy train use this patch but change the MOD setting to P7 Oct 03, 1998 Vote for 440
F>T>B> CHORUS intro solo of Fade to Black GUIDO L8 Ld 15 9 OF C6 H4 27 THIS SOUNDS GREAT FOR THE INTRO SOLO AND LEAD BITS OF FADE TO BLACK. Oct 03, 1998 Vote for 441
MetallicA 1980's good ol' MetallicA Guido L9 Ld 30 9 25 C2 H2 28 This is good for old Metallica Songs (before Black Album) and good for solos too. TIP---use this with the pick up switch at neck and it's perfect for the Blitzkrieg solo (Jump in the fire/creeping death) Oct 03, 1998 Vote for 439
R.A.T.M patch great with most rage songs lucid of bL 25 9 P3 P1 H1 30 this patch is great with most rage songs Sep 27, 1998 Vote for 438
spice it up patch for an effects loop "Stratking" http://members.tripod.com/~Stratking/index.htm L3 off off 5 28 C-3 off 24 I use this one in the effects loop of aTubeworks pre-amp. It compliments thebasic tone of a pre-amp or amp. Doingit this way, you dont have to give upthe tone of your amp just to getmulti-effects! If your amp does not have reverb, you can use the zoom for that, my amp does.(Peavey trans-tube head) Sep 21, 1998 Vote for 436
bombtrack intro sound exactly the same me L1 BL 26 7 24 OFF H1 25+ i think for my self that its sound exactly the same sound that on the record but you have to do palm-muting during you play the intro! Sep 16, 1998 Vote for 434
metallica ajfa record main sound metallica ajfa record main sound metallica ajfa record main sound L8 DT 30 A3 50 Pd OFF 27+ twist the eq on your amp to get the right sound (like it supose to be) Sep 16, 1998 Vote for 435

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