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Patch Name Description Submitted By COMP DIST GAIN ZNR EQ MOD DEL LEV Notes Date VOTE!
SepulturA Distortion curt smythe c1 mt 30 9 41 r2 25 roots bloody roots May 20, 1998 Vote for 361
Eddie Van Halen, VH Period Rhythm/Some solos Mike OFF Dt 30 A1 6 NONE H5 17 Bass all the way up, Mid 1/3 up, High 1/4 up on amp. For Eruption, try putting REV all the way up to H9, and fiddle with the EQ on your amp and Zoom for the right tone. May 16, 1998 Vote for 354
Seasons in the abyss (dist) main dist Curt S. C2 Mt 30 9 7 r5 25 Scoop them mids. May 16, 1998 Vote for 356
Seasons in the abyss (Solo part) Both solos Curt S. A6 Ld 30 A1 50 C3 H1 25 Scoop them mids. May 16, 1998 Vote for 358
Seasons in the abyss (the clean part) that clean part Curt S. A1 7 C3 H3 25 Scoop them mids. May 16, 1998 Vote for 357
Boosted Tube Screamer Brian May Me C9 Od 15 A9 33 of R4 21 This is basically the Tube Screamer patch with the eq turned up to give it more of a bright boosted sound like Brian May. You can get a clean counterpart by dropping the gain down to 1, boost the gain to 25 for solos. The pitch shifter could be used to replicate May's layered effect, and a seperate delay petal is optimal. May 15, 1998 Vote for 350
Bright Distortion Rhythm Me L7 ry 19 9 38 of H6 24 For every clean sound I have, I always try to have a distorted counterpart right by it, this goes along with my Brightness patch submitted earlier. May 15, 1998 Vote for 349
Clean "Freak" Chorus Silverchair Dawesy Ry 4 1 36 C2 H2 26^ May 15, 1998 Vote for 353
Silverchair Dirt Mid-High Range Metal Dawesy jezzad@fastlink.com.au L4 MT 23 A6 35 C2 - 21^ Treble Pickup - Good for Freak & Slave May 15, 1998 Vote for 351
Van Halen aint talkin' bout love PAB5150@aol.com C7 Mt 30 4 of F7 d4 25 Flanger/Delay Sound for the intro. Use bridge humbucker. If your amp has an EQ, cut the mid and boost the bass and treble May 12, 1998 Vote for 348
Good Old Sabbath Black sabbath (master of reality curt s. c1 fu 25 a2 25 25 set the mid around 3, the treble around 2, and the bass at 5. May 11, 1998 Vote for 347
Good Old Sabbath Black sabbath (master of reality ozzy c1 fu 25 a2 25 25 set the mid around 3, the treble around 2, and the bass at 5. May 11, 1998 Vote for 346
Ambetic Heavy Ambience Me A9 Fu 30 A9 P4 54 D9 21 With the exception of an ambient feel, this sound is pretty much useless, but it still sounds real cool. The arpeggio could be changed to your liking, but I think 54 works off the delay perfectly. May 08, 1998 Vote for 345
Brightness clean with a bit of flavor Me L1 Ac 30 9 38 P4 H6 27 As 95% of the time I play through my headphones (which is where I think the 505 sounds best), it's very rare I don't use the amp simulator...This is one of those cases. The tone changes quit a bit between pick-ups, feel free to choose your favorite. Despite the pitch shift, this is a good rhythm sound. May 08, 1998 Vote for 344
Phase Guitar Queen: Keep Yourself Alive Me C7 Mt 21 A9 P2 off D8 24 This is very similar to Brian May's earlier guitar sound, particularly, Keep Yourself Alive. Though I think he uses two delays instead of one, it's very close. It also sounds good with Od and Fz May 07, 1998 Vote for 343
Candle Box Rythme Chorus Steven L3 of -- A9 17 C4 H4 27 Good with 2 pickups selected and mid tone on guitar. Tone up and pick the bridge p-u for Under the Bridge. May 06, 1998 Vote for 340
EVH dIsToRtIoN EDDIE VAN HALEN DISTORTION VanillaBOBs C2 Dt 30 4 16 C2 D4 25 Yupp.da exact one. May 06, 1998 Vote for 337
Nirvana Dist Hard distortion louder than hell LarsMC16@Yahoo.com L9 dt 15 6 30 of r9 30 This is very loud and very cool to play anything hard. Sounds great on Smells like teen spirit May 06, 1998 Vote for 338
Turbine Wild, Untamed Lead Steven Ped8 Bl 22 A9 P1 of r4 24 Good for and pickup postion. I like it with the bridge p-u though. Used with a Fender Performer 1000 and an ESP LTD. May 06, 1998 Vote for 339
Lithium Blues distorted blues LarsMC16@Yahoo.com L1 BL 10 6 30 of r9 30 I use this to play a lot of nirvana and my own music. May 05, 1998 Vote for 336
Hendrix Fuzz Really good!!! Andy Of Fu 27 5 42 C2 H5 25 Really sounds good when played through a Strat and Marshall. exp. with the bass sounds! Have fun!!! May 02, 1998 Vote for 335
Kickassbitchstaintharepy! Therapy! Good for screamager!!!! Steve L7 dt 25 A9 24 d5 off 25-30 May 02, 1998 Vote for 334
Low mans lyric sounds like metallica's song Jon L9 of -- 6 p9 c9 r9 25 This sounds like the song but isn't exactly right, if anyone makes it better, E-mail me. Apr 29, 1998 Vote for 333
Jimmy Page my most recent attempt at that early zeppelin tone stote (stote@yahoo.com) C3 Ld 24 oF 28 oF oF 19 it's not perfect, but close. still, it's a good all around distortion. better than the overdrive channel on my amp. the tone changed a lot as i fiddled with the trebel and bass settings, so to be as specific as i can beyond the 505 setting, it's best using the bridge PU on my epi LP, through a fender Priceton 112 plus. clean channel, trebel 7(2 o'clock), bass 5 (12 o'clock), reverb 2(9 o'clock). e-mail me with feedback/suggestions. Apr 27, 1998 Vote for 328
Marilyn Manson good dist for sweet dreams james C9 DE 26 A6 41 C1 H2 any good for all songs on portrait and smells like children also for the Wah part switch comp to A7 (if you dont have a pedal wah) Apr 27, 1998 Vote for 332
smoke's blackmoore water smoke on the water's solo Aleksej/Brasil - email: Bill@digi.com.br C9 Od 14 9 40 OFF H5 27 Sounds like smoke on the water's solo by Ritchie Blackmoore. Apr 27, 1998 Vote for 329
solo for teen spirit hard dist with flanger james C9 LD 24 ---- 41 F1 H3 any sounds close to teen spirit solo Apr 27, 1998 Vote for 331
teen spirit dist hardcore dist that sounds just like the song also great for other nirvana songs james C9 LD 25 A9 25 C1 R9 any change delay to your liking leave tone knobs on amp at 12:00 or to sound more like kurt turn the mid up just a little Apr 27, 1998 Vote for 330
thunder acdc thunderstruck intro bart@mygale.org c4 mt 30 9 30 c2 h3 30 play the intro only whith the left hand (it constists on pull off and hammer on the b string) put two fingers of the right hand to block the g and e strings to avoid wrong notes

Apr 27, 1998 Vote for 327
Mind stealing delay nasty delay sound kissfan@discoverynet.com L7 Ld 28 5 24 Off D7 25 This is what I use on "Operation Mindcrime." Let the telephone ring and then let this sound do the rest! (Maybe not an exact copy, but IT ROCKS!) Apr 25, 1998 Vote for 326
cool wah good for metallica and alice in chains jsal91@hotmail.com p7 mt 26 9 43 c1 off any you need a volume pedal on the thing to do manual wah's get one fast if you dont have one Apr 23, 1998 Vote for 322

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