Zoom Patch List

Patch Name Description Submitted By COMP DIST GAIN ZNR EQ MOD DEL LEV Notes Date VOTE!
Foo Fighters All Foo 11tollefsrud@4eyes.net C5 RY 30 of of,25 of H2 ???? i can't get the squeeling out of this though like in everlong and hey johnny park but it sounds alright with my les paul Apr 23, 1998 Vote for 323
Nirvana come as you are 11tollefsrud@4eyes.net c9 21 ME off 24 off H2 30 this might not be right but it sounds good. you could put the chorus on 2 it may sound better. Apr 23, 1998 Vote for 324
Nirvana Solos Verse "Chorus" Verse 11tollefsrud@4eyes.net C9 30 BL off 25,of C9 H3 28 This sounds really close to Radio Friendly Unit Shifter and Teen Spirt soulo. Apr 23, 1998 Vote for 325
Van Halen's Humans Being a flanged, distortioned,delay type thing jsal91@hotmail.com 1 mt 26 6 42 f6 d4 any this is pretty cool try it Apr 23, 1998 Vote for 321
KIng BB KING bird12w@cs.uregina.ca of OD 13 of 40 of of 30 EQ can be set to your liking I have a MUSICMAN copy and this works for me Apr 22, 1998 Vote for 320
Really Rockin' Solo Dist Trust me, just try it... achieved after tryin' it all.. Ghost (GhostRider49@hotmail.com) OFF MT 28 A3 OFF OFF H9 27 If u like it, go ahead and e-mail me... this is truely the best i can do with this baby.... Apr 22, 1998 Vote for 319
Big Raunchy Distortion Distorted Rythmn Adam England L9 Dt 30 A9 36 OF OF 22 This patch bites and has great Sustain! I use it for Machine Head. It kicks! Apr 20, 1998 Vote for 318
One Headlight Slide Slide Delay Adam England L9 Od 1 A1 40 C9 D9 24 All Purpose Slide Delay. Even if you don't use a slide this is still a cool delay. Apr 20, 1998 Vote for 317
Megadeth ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? I want Megadeth Patches! Apr 19, 1998 Vote for 316
Straight Ahead Distortion Good for punk rock Ryan L7 bl 19 a4 off off off 25 Use clean channel. High,Mid,and Low all half way up,adjust your pickups to your style. Apr 19, 1998 Vote for 315
sepultura extreme heavyness jim speedy gonzalez 4 mt 30 9 30 0 H3 28 WORKS GOOD FOR THOSE THAT CAN PALM MUTE AND PERFECT FOR HARMONIC EFFECTS Apr 15, 1998 Vote for 313
New Van Halen Sound a_gowan@hotmail.com C1 Bl 25 9 50 C3 R9 30 I set my amp Low 5, Mid 3, and High 5. I use my clean channel and not through an effects loop. Use my bridge humbucker for lead and neck humbuckers for solos. Apr 14, 1998 Vote for 312
Bassy Sounds rather low neda@erols.com C2 Ac 30 9 1 P1 oF 30 Makes the guitar sound really low. I dunno knida cool, I like it at least. Apr 12, 1998 Vote for 310
Unchained VH's Unchained Distortion neda@erols.com A1 bL 20 A2 45 F2 r1 25 I use an Epiphone Stratocaster copy and a small practice amp. I like this one better than the other Unchained sound because it is more responsive (less delay). Apr 12, 1998 Vote for 311
Gilmour's Searing Stratocaster Dave Gilmour's (Pink Floyd) lead sound in 'TIME' marc@aec.arc.ab.ca OFF BL 30 A9 42 C5 H6 25 Guitar used: Fender Strat (Am Std) AMP used: Crate XL-15R AMP settings: Gain, Level, Eq. lo, mid, hi all set to 5. Clean 1, reverb 0, Overdrive off.

* On my amp, adjusting the 'clean level' is critical to getting rid of excess noise, and getting the right tone.

Apr 11, 1998 Vote for 309
mans eternal struggle for survival. For hundreds of years, man has struggled for the perfect sound. ...........Now! joeletosthenes, conquerer of the Hellenistic Society. L6 OFF - 6 P9 C6 D7 25 Now...the time has come for the worlds leading wavy water effect to be reprieved onto the public.

Some people would tell me i was insane when i tell them this patch. But it is all just information...privilaged information....so consider yourselves privilaged and shut up.

Apr 09, 1998 Vote for 307
super bad ass fucked up shit a thick fuzz. Dug C1 FU 30 A9 50 OFF R1 25 I use this as my standard distortion, cause it's so bad ass. Not only is it bad ass, but it's it's some fucked up shit too. AMP: bass-7, treble-7, mid-5.

Take this effect and shove it.

Apr 09, 1998 Vote for 306
the best delay lead its cool for long and felling solos mansoldo@technet --- mt 26 8 --- c3 d7 28 Apr 04, 1998 Vote for 302
Carlos Santana Solo 93burtonrj@students.cleeve.gloucs.sch.uk C4 LD 20 8 25 C2 R3 26 Hope it is Correct Apr 02, 1998 Vote for 301
Crazy train OZZY! Coyote213@aol.com aka URwhatUis@aol.com C9 MT 26 9 12 P7 H1 27 GREAT TONE FOR CRAZY TRAIN. E-MAIL ME Apr 01, 1998 Vote for 299
DRIVE LEAD DRIVE Coyote213@aol.com aka URwhatUis2@aol.com -- LD 25 -- 44 -- -- 25 COOL DRIVE TONE. E-MAIL ME Apr 01, 1998 Vote for 300
now thats distortion ahelluva lot of distortion JiMMy C9 Metal 30 off 40 D3 off ? i figured it out. how to get as much distortion out of that zoom in the smallest amount of time. good for hardcore punk. Apr 01, 1998 Vote for 173
Enter Sandman Metallica Say your pray Tommy Binette (fuel@boisfrancs.qc.ca) L9 dt 26 a9 44 c1 h3 27 to play the black album is a good sound Mar 31, 1998 Vote for 298
E.V.H. Flanger Perfect for Unchained GBJH604@GBJH.EDNET.NS.CA L1 DT 30 4 16 F7 D4 25 This is a great patch for playing any Van Halen song with a Flanger! Hope you like it!!! Mar 29, 1998 Vote for 295
FILTER The band Filter uses all tube Marshall power amps, this patch comes really close Bus300@aol.com - ry 25-30 - - - - 30 A simple, clean, basic rhythm. Most of the 505's distortions are wet sounding, this one is very dry- almost crunchy. Mar 29, 1998 Vote for 296
Live-Lightning Crashes rhythm SOLO BOY C7 ry 4 A9 38 F3 H4 27 The flanger and reverb make this sound like "Lightning Crashes" from the "Throwing Copper" album. I used the neck pickup on my Strat. Mar 25, 1998 Vote for 294
The Iron Distortion Don't miss this distortion setting...Best I've ever had Iron Bhoot off DT 30 A9 12 off off any Put the High/Low/Mid settings all the way up when using this. Good Luck. Mar 25, 1998 Vote for 293
DEATH METAL distortion WARNING!! I'm not responsable if it destroys your amps David Langlois C7 Dt 30 A6 50 OFF H2 27 Try it out men, you'll see that is the best distortion 505 can do. Well, if you like kicking ass!!!!!!! Mar 24, 1998 Vote for 292
Hard Edge Blues A bluesy patch with some bite. Tom Mack of bl 29 9 19 C1 H1 22 This is my own, I use it for harddriving blues like Crossroads, etc... "Tom Mack" Mar 24, 1998 Vote for 291
Zero: Smashing Pumpkins Really brings out those HEAVY HARMONICS! Tommy of dist 10 9 of of of 27 Guitar: Les Paul on neck pick-up Amp: Peavy BlackWidow 200watt Low: 7 Mid: 4.5 High: 4.5 Vol/Gain: loud!! Turn up the highs on your amp if your not getting the harmonics down. Mar 23, 1998 Vote for 290

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