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Patch Name Description Submitted By COMP DIST GAIN ZNR EQ MOD DEL LEV Notes Date VOTE!
HEAVY METAL RHYTHM RHYTHM PAUL C1 LD 23 OFF 50 C5 H4 27 Play Heavy Metal, Play Solos, and you will be satisfied with this patch, I was Feb 27, 1999 Vote for 519
lead very good for leads Thomas C3 Ld 30 6 22 p4 H3 15 Feb 27, 1999 Vote for 517
Tubey or something er......Tubey or something Damian "damnwymz" Wims c9 bl 25 7 25 of H9 28 Yes....it's a stupid name, but it sounds pretty cool....... Put bass and mid on full and treble about 7 on your amp. Play loud........ Feb 26, 1999 Vote for 516
Purity in Oblivion a head-on distortion that offers praise to the Absu The Ancient One off DT 30 9 50 - H3 25 Amp settings for this patch goes as follows: treble=8, bass=10, and mid=5."There is no beast without cruelty." Feb 24, 1999 Vote for 512
To Live is to Let Die interlude solo The Ancient One OFF OD 20 9 35 OFF H9 25 This is a experimental patch with an experimental guitarist. I discovered this smooth solo sound while trying to come up with a sweet lead distortion. "In my being nothing is, nothing is not. All things return to me!" Feb 24, 1999 Vote for 514
Tormented Souls A heavy wah with some bite The Ancient One A9 BL 20 9 50 OFF H9 25 This is one of my best solo sounds. Use it wisely my sons. "Can you hear their cries?" Feb 24, 1999 Vote for 513
Oh Baby! Cool flange sound, reminds me of running water The GuitarGOD C3 RY 1 A9 P9 C9 H6 26 Sounds really cool especially after you get drunk. I use a Gibson SG with a Marshall 100wt lead head. Turn it way up, enjoy! Feb 17, 1999 Vote for 509
70's rhthm straight forward 70's rock Me C8 bL 8 A1 of of of 21 I use this patch to play rythm for many70's rock bands. Aerosmith, some Rush, AC/DC, etc... Reverb could be added as desired. Feb 15, 1999 Vote for 508
late night blues good sound for solo rock-blues guitar scenecrafter oF Ld 30 3 31 F4 d3 26 pretty cool patch. my zoom 505 made it real easy to go straight into the mixer for my friend's film fest project. used it for overdramatic bkgrd soloing for a scene under a street lamp. pretty chill. Feb 12, 1999 Vote for 506
cool lead sounds good when played high on the neck g man L4 od 30 9 27 c2 d6 27 Feb 09, 1999 Vote for 505
Houses of the Holy Beginning of Houses of the Holy Tack L1 Od 20 A4 15 P9 r9 25 This Led Zeppelin song really sounds good on a Marshall stack...i haven't tried it on anything else yet. Feb 07, 1999 Vote for 504
stalker loud and horrorized HamerFREAK C7 dt 30 a4 35 p9 of 30 this sponds awsome especialy when youve got a 100w head! Feb 06, 1999 Vote for 503
Screamn' Bloody Blues Dirty Gritty Blues The LAW L1 Fu 14 A3 11 off R3 28 I always follow my ZOOM 505 with a BOSS Graphic EQ pedal. Sounds incredible, lower the mids (since a guitar is a midrange instrucment), and raise lows and highs Feb 02, 1999 Vote for 501
dist solo good tone for lead guitarists ugur kayasal c1 ld 20 1 25 d6 h6 28 Feb 01, 1999 Vote for 500
heavy dist a very cool dist ugur kayasal c1 dt 25 a9 40 c5 h5 27 it is very cool.Its my best tone.i use it with jackson j-dr. Feb 01, 1999 Vote for 499
Heavy Riffs Heavy MetallicA Riffs! Justin Hanson C3 Ld 30 8 44 0 H-2 30 Setup I use on stage! Jan 30, 1999 Vote for 498
WILD COOL ? C9 MT 30 A9 P9 C9 D8 30 NO Jan 28, 1999 Vote for 497
Paranoic Dist. A very strange Dist. w/ Wah and Delay BlackMiG e970098@zipi.fi.upm.es A9 Dt 30 5 42 OFF D6 25 Use this with neck Pickup, with highvolume, and you'll get lot of feedback!I've a GIBSON SG copy with a 20W amp Jan 27, 1999 Vote for 495
When the Smoke it's going down SCorpions Solo sound of this great song BlackMiG e970098@zipi.fi.upm.es c3 off -- 6 42 c8 D8 27 Use this with neck PickupSounds very similar to the albumI've a GIBSON SG copy with a 20W amp Jan 27, 1999 Vote for 496
Money for Nothing Dirty ol'sound Me P1 ry 30 1 17 of r6 23 It's not perfect, but I use thissound for Dire Strait's "Money forNothing"and Don Henley's "All She Wantsto do is Dance". Though it does soundcool with the wah pedal, it's not meantto be used with it. Jan 24, 1999 Vote for 494
CROW guitar THE CROW MOVIE SOLOS BlackMiG OFF DT 30 4 42 OFF H9(*) 27 This is the sound of the movie!!I've a Gibson SG copy and a 20w Amp (Kustom w/Reberv)Put the switch on the neck humbucker to get the sound(*) I prefer the Reberv from my AMP but if you haven't Jan 21, 1999 Vote for 493
Sweet Dreams SOLO Marylin's version <------Manson is a FRUIT! BlackMiG P2 OD 30 4 40 F5 OFF 26 Jan 21, 1999 Vote for 492
Odissey Malmesteen Dizzy dancingdays@hotmail.com c9 bl 25 a9 33 c1 h3 24 Pretty much like the Odissey album, if you can improve it just let me know! Jan 15, 1999 Vote for 491
yngwie malmsteen garett c2 bl 27 9 20 c2 h7 25 Jan 11, 1999 Vote for 488
yngwie malmsteen smooth thick tone garett c2 bl 27 9 20 c2 h7 25 flick your selector switch to the neck pick up and sweep away Jan 11, 1999 Vote for 489
David Gilmore Solo A great David Gilmore solo effect Tony Little C4 bL 27 6 36-38 C1 d7 27-30 This setting is great for use in thesolo on track two from Darkside of theMoon, "Time." It really lets your highbends shred. Use bride pickup. Jan 08, 1999 Vote for 487
offspring distortion punk rock sound, high and heavy ross (ticorola@prodigy.net of Od 24 6 49 of r1 28 best used with stuff from smash, ixnay, and americanaemail me with comments Dec 29, 1998 Vote for 484
Siamese Dream Fuzz Smashing Pumpkins fuzz Anthony Heverin 0 FU 30 4 0 0 0 23 Use this with a ht pickup or a humbucker to get the effect I am talking about. Dec 26, 1998 Vote for 481
Strato Blues Feel Fender's very high tone & gain for bridge/medium selector. FENDER@SERVINET.COM.AR 3 Od 7 A1 23 C1 H2 25 PUT THE MIC SELECTOR IN BRIDGE/MEDIUM. USE A HARD PICK USING THE RIGHT HAND'S EDGE AS A SORDINE. PUT YOUR AMP A LITTLE LOUD. Dec 22, 1998 Vote for 479
best metal harsh gainy sound be careful with amps with lots of gain The Unseen c4 nt 30 a1 50 f1 none 27 got a good metal rythm sound but for a good lead a a distortion pedal before the zoom in your effects chainturn the gain (distortion) 3/4 of the way up and turn the output to half Dec 21, 1998 Vote for 478
Interstellar Overdrive Great Syd Barrett Tone D A V E (m_dave5@hotmail.com) C2 Od 3 A1 10 C1 H5 25 Sounds real close (IMO) to the P.A.T.G.O.D. album tone. Astronomy Domine and Lucifer Sam sound really great with this settting. See for yourself!!! Dec 19, 1998 Vote for 477

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